The Great Bible Quiz This Week Is National Bible Week, an Annual Event to Promote Bible Reading. the Bible Is the All-Time Best-Seller, but Religious Researcher George Barna Says Only about a Third of Americans Regularly Read Scripture. How Well Do You Know the Bible? Here's a Chance to Test Yourself

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1. "God helps those who help themselves" is in what book of the


A. Proverbs

B. Ephesians

C. It's not in the Bible

2. Which one of the following men did not personally know Jesus?

A. Thomas

B. Paul

C. Lazarus

3. What did Jesus do for a living?

A. He was a fisherman

B. His followers supported him

C. He was a carpenter

4. How many books are in the Old and New Testaments?

A. 66

B. 103

C. 12

5. Who is credited with writing the first five books of the Bible?

A. Jesus

B. Moses

C. King Solomon

6. What is another name for the first five books of the Bible?

A. The Torah

B. The Koran

C. The Epistles

7. Name three prophets?

A. Matthew, David, Nicodemus

B. Deborah, Ezekial, Jeremiah

C. Solomon, Jacob, Josiah

8. Who were Moses' brother and sister?

A. Ruth and Amos

B. Leah and Jacob

C. Aaron and Miriam

9. Who was the first king of Israel?

A. Solomon

B. Saul

C. David

10. Who was Noah's wife?

A. She isn't named

B. Joan of Arc

C. Naomi

11. Name the books of the Bible Jesus wrote?

A. The Gospels

B. Proverbs and the Ten Commandments

C. None

12. What was Jesus' first miracle?

A. Walking on water

B. Healing the 10 lepers

C. Turning water to wine

13. Who was the first martyr?

A. Stephen

B. Paul

C. James

14. What was Paul's original name?

A. Simon

B. Saul

C. Thaddeus

15. Who built the first Temple in Jerusalem?

A. David

B. Solomon

C. Nebuchadnezzar

16. Which Jewish woman became queen of Persia?

A. Ruth

B. Esther

C. Judith

17. Who planted the first vineyard?

A. Noah

B. Abel

C. Adam

18. What happened to John the Baptist?

A. He disappeared into the desert

B. He was beheaded

C. The Bible doesn't say

19. What prophet walked around naked for three years?

A. Jeremiah

B. Amos

C. Isaiah

20. What was Jacob's name changed to?

A. Israel

B. Judah

C. Isaac

21. Who was Mary's cousin?

A. Elizabeth

B. Mary Magdalene

C. Martha of Bethany

22. What king had 700 wives?

A. Hezekiah

B. Solomon

C. David

23. What biblical father shaved his head when he heard his

children had been destroyed?

A. Noah

B. David

C. Job

24. What Hebrew interpreted dreams for the pharaoh of Egypt?

A. Moses

B. Job

C. Joseph

25. What Philistine died when he was hit in the head with a rock?

A. Samuel

B. Abimelech

C. Goliath

26. Who laughed when she heard she would bear a child in her old


A. Naomi

B. Sarah

C. Ruth

27. Who was the only female judge in Israel?

A. Judith

B. Miriam

C. Deborah

28. What gift did an exotic dancer ask of King Herod?

A. Thirty pieces of silver

B. The head of John the Baptist

C. To bear his son

29. What Babylonian king destroyed Jerusalem?

A. Nebuchadnezzar

B. Cyrus

C. Haman

30. Which apostle didn't believe Jesus was resurrected?

A. Peter

B. Thomas

C. Matthew

31. What Hebrew married the pharaoh's daughter?

A. Moses

B. Joseph

C. …


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