Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Jacksonville Journal

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Quote, unquote

"The mediation's just been a total failure and it's almost

inevitable that the thing goes to trial."

-- Southpoint Business Association attorney Gary Christian on

Charter Medical Corp.'s juvenile treatment facility. Story on

this page.


Ribault River area resident Harriett Jarrett was trying very

hard to please her three grandchildren as she cooked for

them recently. She even went to the extent of asking each one

if they liked carrots. She received a unanimous yes, so she

steamed a pot of them and put them on the table with the meal.

As she dished out the dinner, 4-year-old Eddie Graham Jr. stared

at the carrots a moment then said, "Gammy, I don't like the wet

ones. I only like the dry ones." The "dry ones" are sweet raw


INSIDE . . .

Baymeadows is reopening

Visit Health House

Students learn leadership

Zoning notice by mail?

-- Page B-4


Jacksonville has received a $125,000 federal grant to help pay

for a job training and computer training program in an area

targeted for revitalization by Mayor John Delaney.

The grant, announced yesterday, is part of the federal "Weed

and Seed" program, which aims to rid neighborhoods of criminals

and provide housing and employment.

The program will serve residents in the New Town, College

Gardens and Myrtle Avenue areas that are part of Delaney's

"intensive care" neighborhood effort.

-- Jim Saunders


Wolfson High School softball players on Monday let Principal

David White know how angry they are over comments he made about

their coach, Sherry Peterson. …

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