Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

This Win Is Bigger Than You'd Think

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

This Win Is Bigger Than You'd Think

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Al Davis never said: "Just win pretty, baby."

Vince Lombardi never said: "Winning isn't everything, winning

pretty is."

Knute Rockne never said: "Win one pretty for the Gipper."

The Jacksonville Jaguars won yesterday. Period. And you know

what? They weren't about to apologize because this particular

victory was bereft of grace and style. They were going to be

ecstatic, by-gosh. They were going to celebrate, by-gosh. They

were going to paint the town, by-gosh.

"You better believe this is a feel-good win," Jaguars coach Tom

Coughlin said when asked where yesterday's 21-17 victory over

the New York Jets ranked on his personal win-o-meter. "It's a

huge feel-good win. Especially after last week, when we had all

the numbers and all the pretty stuff and still lost the game. In

the NFL, you learn fast that when you get a win, you're damn

happy about it.

". . . It's a win. Thank God it's a win."

But, but, but . . .

"There are not buts," said defensive tackle John Jurkovic. "You

don't get any bonus points for winning pretty. I'd rather win

and look like -- -- every day of the week than to lose pretty."

If you judged wins like you judged beauty pageants, the victory

yesterday would have ranked right down there with Joe Torre in

drag. It had a big nose, hairy legs, a five o'clock shadow and

played Suwannee River on the kazoo for the talent portion of the


The Jaguars had way too many penalties -- again. They made

undersized Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet look like Don

Maynard reincarnated. And Jets quarterback Frank Reich could

have dropped back and written his memoirs ( Life is a Bench )

for all the time he had to dilly-dally in the pocket against

Jacksonville's non-existent pass rush.

But don't even try to make the Jags feel guilty about winning. …

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