Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Moeller Escapes Scourge of Mikey

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Moeller Escapes Scourge of Mikey

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Mikey likes . . .

No. 11 Michigan (1-0) at No. 5 Colorado (2-0): There has been a

groundswell of grass-roots support for the return of former

Michigan coach Gary Moeller to this picks column. "Where's the

drunk coach?" one reader wanted to know. "The drunk guy was

hilarious," said another reader. "Can't you just bring Moeller

back for the big games?" asked yet another reader, a devout Ohio

State fan.


Moeller has paid his dues; he has served his year of hard time

in Mikey Likes. But the good news is that Citadel coach Charlie

Taafe hasn't. Taafe was recently suspended for the season

following his second drunken-driving arrest in three years and,

for your entertainment, has agreed to show up unannounced in

this space periodically throughout the season.

And there he is right now.

Ohmygawd, he's mounting Ralphie, Colorado's mascot.

"Hizzzee-ho, Silver, awaaaaaay! . . . 'Dis izzz a fat horsey.

Fat, hairy horsey."

Charlie, that's because Ralphie isn't a horsey, he's a buffalo.

Now you get down from Ralphie right this minute.


No, you've had enough drinkie-poo for one day.

Colorado 27, Michigan 24

Georgia (0-1) at South Carolina (1-0): Ray Goff was fired from

Georgia for not being able to win the big games. But you've

gotta hand it to Goff: He could win the little games -- at least

most of the time.

New Georgia coach Jim Donnan's honeymoon lasted all of one game

-- an ugly 11-7 loss to Southern Miss two weeks ago. Mikey tried

to tell you the 'Dogs wouldn't be very good this season, but you

wouldn't listen.

South Carolina 19, Georgia 17

Northwestern (0-1) at Duke (0-1): I nearly picked Wake Forest

to upset Northwestern last week, but our assistant sports

editor, Bob McClellan, a Northwestern grad, shamed me out of the

pick. …

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