Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

The Way It Is Heavy Hitters Start Swinging for Fame, Fortune

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

The Way It Is Heavy Hitters Start Swinging for Fame, Fortune

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Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. College Football. Time to wake up.

The season is just about to begin.

It took about a month, but there's finally something to look

forward to when you hit the remote tomorrow: Michigan at

Colorado, the first of many single-elimination games on the road

to the national championship.

And that's why college football is the sport in America.

We slosh through a slew of insignificant games featuring the

heavy hitters against Idaho State and North Texas for the first

month, and then when the real action starts, the weedingout

process begins.

The next 10 weeks are a unique, jazzed-up version of cut-throat,

with big games and big pressure. Colorado or Michigan will fall

from the Great Race this weekend. Tennessee or Florida will be

banished a week later, and right down the line until two teams


This isn't the No Fun League here. You don't play 20 games,

then have to sit through a month of boring playoffs when you

know the NFC's go ing to win an overhyped Super Bowl anyway.

Every week is a playoff game in college football with no second

chance. It's almost primal. You win, you advance. You lose, you

talk about next year.

Your season is on the line every time you step on the field.

"Every game, every play is intense," Colorado quarterback Koy

Detmer said. "If you slip up, you can lose it all."

That is the beauty of college football. Forget about what your

Little League coach told you about everybody being a winner.

There's one winner. And the separation tournament begins tomorrow.


"I dropped them. I voted them lower than ninth, like 15 or 16.

Defensively, they appear to be extremely strong, although

Vanderbilt's offense wasn't a strong test. They still have a lot

of question marks about their offense and if they can run ball

as effectively as in the past. They have the potential to be a

good to very good team. A lot of things need to fall in place

for them to be a great team. …

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