Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

The Bolles Triangle Opponents Can't Escape Top Defenders

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

The Bolles Triangle Opponents Can't Escape Top Defenders

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Quarterbacks leaning over center against The Bolles School

defense this fall will see a menacing, nationally recruited

presence no matter which direction they turn.

Looking left, they'll see Sam Matthews, a 6-foot-5, 265-pound

freight train of a defensive tackle.

Uh . . . let's try the right.

Oops, there's Char-ron Dorsey.

He's even bigger than Matthews (6-7, 310), and can crush a pass

pocket as quickly as most prep passers can drop back.

And looking straight ahead is no fun, either. There we find

Travis Carroll, the best linebacker in Jacksonville. He can

stuff the run, cover the pass, and he's the shrimp of the

threesome at 6-3, 225.

Some shrimp.

"A couple of years ago, we nicknamed ourselves the Bermuda

Triangle, you know, because the ball carriers go in but they

don't come out," said Carroll.

Only the Bolles Triangle is even nastier than its namesake.

Some doubt the Bermuda Triangle actually exists. The Bolles

Triangle is painfully real. The Bermuda Triangle is fixed. The Bolles Triangle is mobile:

Running backs trying to run around it are chased down and

swallowed whole.

"All three of them are already within 10 yards of the ball when

the quarterback takes the snap, so just about any running play

is going to have to go through at least one of them," defensive

coordinator Mike Barrett said. "They are the most gifted

defensive players I've coached."

And the major colleges agree.

All three have qualified academically, and each will have his

pick of major college programs. Florida State, Alabama, Georgia,

"I try to lay back from all of [the attention from colleges],"

Matthews said. "Picking the right college is important, but

winning another state title comes first."

Matthews knows all about winning state titles. He, Carroll and

Dorsey are playing for their third in four years. The Bulldogs

are heavy favorites to win the Class 4A crown this season, and

defense is the primary reason.

"It still takes the other eight guys [to succeed defensively],"

Dorsey said. …

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