Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Clinton Commits Campaign to Winning Florida

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Clinton Commits Campaign to Winning Florida

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Probably the best news Florida Democrats have received at the

Democratic National Convention came yesterday with word that

President Clinton is committed to winning the state.

No more half-hearted efforts like Clinton made in 1992, when he

finished 2 percentage points behind George Bush.

And no more desertions like the one by Michael Dukakis in 1988

that destroyed the changes of other Democrat candidates.

This time, Clinton will stand and fight for Florida's 25

electoral votes.

"The president not only thinks we can win Florida, he expects

us to win Florida," said Nick Baldick, director of the

Democratic Party's coordinated campaign in Florida.

In a breakfast meeting with Florida delegates, Baldick said he

has a solid commitment to Florida from the Clinton/Gore 96


The party will open 14 field offices for its coordinated

campaign in early September, including one in Duval County.

"This is the largest field campaign that Democrats have ever

run in the state of Florida," he said.

Clinton has made a sizable commitment to his campaign in

the past nine months. Republicans say those commercials are

responsible for Clinton's lead in the polls over GOP

presidential nominee Bob Dole .

One reason the president may be willing to spend money in

among the top states in donating money to the Democratic Party

and the president's campaign, and party officials have won

commitments that some of that cash will be spent helping other

Democratic candidates in the state.

victory in the state's straw poll, and he hasn't forgotten.

But the puzzling thing about Clinton committing to an allout

campaign in Florida is history. No Democratic presidential

candidate has won Florida since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

The president is scheduled to campaign in Tampa Sept. …

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