Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Delegates Must Face Full Agenda

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Delegates Must Face Full Agenda

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Delegates face some tough choices at the Democratic National


Take tomorrow's opening night, for example.

There's the Reggae Victory Splash, Comedy Central's Democratic

National Convention Blowout, Late Night Blues, the All-Star

Salute to Democratic Governors, the Tribute to Sen. Bill Bradley

with Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson, Geraldine Ferraro's

Birthday Bash, Bob Torricelli's Birthday Party and the

Clinton/Gore Reception Honoring African-American Elected


And that's only about half of them.

Deciding which parties to attend might be tougher than any

political decisions that will be made in Chicago this week. For

those who haven't heard, President Clinton and Vice President

Al Gore are seeking a second term, and word is that they have a

lock on the nomination.

The Democratic National Convention promises to be every bit as,

uh, exciting as the Republican National Convention in San Diego.

With little real political work to do, delegates will choose

from a myriad of activities to fill their days.

"It is not all parties. We've got campaign training and message

work to do," said Terrie Brady, chairwoman of the Florida

Democratic Party. "The problem now is trying to squeeze

everything in."

Early arriving delegates already had to worry that if they took

last night's midnight to 3 a.m. Red, White and Blues Cruise with

U.S. Rep. Bobby Rushwhether, would they really be up and alert

for today's 10 a.m. session on Politics and Policy: Overview of

the U.S. Election Process.

Of course, they could skip that and take the Lakefront Bicycle

Tour at 10:30 or sleep in later and attend the Bucktown Art

Festival at 11 a.m.

A master schedule lists competing events throughout the

four-day convention. Delegate meetings compete with receptions.

Seminars compete with recreational activities. And it all

competes with the convention itself.

"Look when the times are," Brady said. "I'll be on the

convention floor."

NOW, A FIRST-HAND REPORT: It won't be hard to keep track of

Jacksonville's Lisa King at the Democratic National Convention. …

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