Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Orlando Residents Worried Arrival of `Vampire Rapist' Stirs Concern

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Orlando Residents Worried Arrival of `Vampire Rapist' Stirs Concern

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ORLANDO -- The arrival of the "vampire rapist" yesterday as

Orlando's newest probationer has left folks worried for their

safety and feeling let down by the criminal justice system.

Residents complained that they can't trust the state to protect

them from John Crutchley, a former engineer who entered a

probation center yesterday after serving 10 years for repeatedly

raping a woman and drinking her blood.

"I think the justice system could use a little polishing,"

Disney World lab technician Leroy Rogers said. "It's like

putting the public in jail."

Rejected by several other communities in recent days, Crutchley

arrived in a family fantasy land known for Mickey Mouse, King

Kong and Shamu the killer whale.

The story was the only topic of the day for local radio

talk-show hosts, who cracked derisive jokes about vampires.

But to those working or living near the Probation and

Restitution Center where Crutchley and 30 other offenders live,

his arrival was no joke. Some planned changes in their


Janice Welch said she'll put off her next trip from Tavares to

a meat market less than a mile from the center until he leaves


Meanwhile, a weary Vera Wright, who works two jobs, said she's

asked family and friends to check on her elderly mother at their

home off Mercy Road, a 15-minute walk from Crutchley's living


"People don't feel safe with him around," she said. "How come

he got to settle in Orlando?"

Joe Hatem, director of Community Corrections for the Orlando

regional office of the state Department of Corrections, said

Crutchley was assigned to Orlando because if all else fails the

DOC sends released prisoners to a state-run halfway house. The

Orlando center is the only one in this nine-county district,

Hatem said. …

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