Schools Maintain Policies Chancellor Says Chools Should Use Current Admissions Plans for This Fall

Article excerpt

ATLANTA -- University System Chancellor Stephen Portch

yesterday directed Georgia's 34 public colleges to continue

using current admissions policies, despite a recommendation from

state Attorney General Michael Bowers that affirmative action

programs be reviewed.

In a letter to school presidents, Portch told officials to use

current policies for fall 1996 admissions and "develop

contingency plans for future admissions policies."

He noted the court case being used by Bowers to discourage

affirmative action admissions policies is pending review before

the U.S. Supreme Court.

The chancellor also noted changing the system for this fall

would be "disruptive and unfair to students."

Staffers at the Board of Regents disclosed the chancellor's

position in a release sent out after his office had closed for

the weekend. Portch was not available for comment.

Bowers also could not be reached.

In light of recent court rulings against affirmative action,

Bowers sent Portch an unsolicited letter last month saying the

state's colleges should review admission policies and revise

those that give consideration to race.

While the attorney general's letter refers to admissions

policies, it could also apply to other race-based programs. …


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