Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Report, Calculator Confirm Fund Figures

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Report, Calculator Confirm Fund Figures

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I am always pleased when someone responds to one of my columns

because I fervently believe everyone has a right to voice

their opinion. Even if the response is negative, I am still

happy since I know at least one person has read the column.

For these reasons, I normally do not respond to letters written

to The County Line. However, I feel it necessary to mention a

letter by one of the organizers of the J.P. Hall Children's

Charity Bass Tournament.

On March 20, I quoted a snippet of information from Folio

Weekly. The quote was that the J.P. Hall Children's Charity Bass

Tournament "topped the list of the area's least responsible

nonprofit groups" because it "spent over 75 percent of its

revenue on fundraising." I also said the Better Business Bureau

recommends donating to charities that spend no more than 35

percent on fund raising.

The writer said the Jacksonville Business Journal "reported

erroneously the fact that the J.P. Hall charity spent over 75

percent of its revenues on fund-raising." He went on to say a

couple of phone calls were made to the Journal "to set the

record straight."

Actually, I never mentioned the Journal in my column, but the

percentage the Journal reported spent on fund raising by the

J.P. Hall Children's Charity Bass Tournament was slightly over

82 percent. I contacted both the editor of the Jacksonville

Business Journal, Ben Eubanks, and the writer of the piece,

Paula Rausch. Each said they were not aware of any calls made to

the Journal questioning any percentages, and the Journal's

percentages were absolutely correct.

After passing along this information to several organizers in

the bass tournament, Steve DuVal, treasurer of the bass charity,

said no calls had actually been made to the Journal.

The state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

collects financial reports from charities soliciting in Florida.

Then it publishes these figures yearly in the Gift Givers Guide,

A Guide to Contributing in Florida. (I have ordered copies of

this guide for all Clay County libraries.)

Since the figures for the tournament are in such contention,

let's look at the actual numbers for the J. …

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