Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

I've Heard Better News

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

I've Heard Better News

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And now for the most long-awaited words in all of sports:

"Gentlemen, restart your child-support payments."

The lockout is over.

Kenny Anderson won't have to sell off one of his eight luxury automobiles.

The Porsche Carrera has been saved!

The NBA season has been saved!


Excuse the sarcasm, but are we really supposed to rejoice over yesterday's news that the six-month NBA lockout is over? Why should we? Most of us never even cared that there was a lockout to begin with. Unofficial NBA Lockout Motto: "Is it work stoppage if nobody notices?"

And now there are these questions to be answered:

1. Will union negotiator Billy Hunter be able to lead a normal life once David Falk severs the marionette strings?

2. Now that the union so skillfully folded on the eve of management's threatened drop-dead date, will Hunter start a second career as a Laundromat owner?

3. Does anybody really know who Charles Barkley plays for?

4. Does anybody really care?

If you're NBA commissioner David Stern, the most disturbing part of this entire fiasco was the thunderous silence throughout the country. Most every poll taken by most every media outlet during the lockout showed that fans -- even those in NBA markets -- were alarmingly apathetic about the NBA canceling the first three months of its season.

Do you think if pro football went on strike, you could take a poll in an NFL market and 70 percent of the fans would shrug and say, "So what?" Puhleeze. Even when Major League Baseball went on strike a few years ago, there was an angry outcry among the general population.

But NBA fans have been much more indifferent than indignant. And that's troubling. When you think about it, isn't it true that most of us watched as many early season NBA games this year as every year? …

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