Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

What's Hot and What's Not about Video-Game Systems

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

What's Hot and What's Not about Video-Game Systems

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How do the three top videogame systems compare? Find out below: SEGA DREAMCAST

Specs: 128-bit, 16 MB memory, 200 mhz processor, GDDrive (uses Sega's 1GB CD, larger than the standard 650 MB).

Price: $199.

Pros: Best graphics, most advanced system on market for the next year.

Cons: Not enough truly outstanding games; slow load time on some games.

Top games: If you buy a Dreamcast you will probably also buy at least three of these five games: NBA2k, NFL2k, Soul Calibur, Ready to Rumble and Sonic. For now, those games are head and shoulders over the other games the system has to offer.

Hot games for the holidays: The same five mentioned above. The system has only been out since September. The game library is not very big.

Don't bother with: Virtua Fighter 3tb and Dynamite Cop are real stinkers. And don't buy Sonic if you're expecting SuperMario 64. It's really not as good.

Sleeper hits: Suzuki Alstare Racing and Sega Rally 2 are a couple of racing games that show off the system's graphics well. NINTENDO 64

Specs: 64-bit, 4 MB memory (expandable to 8 MB) 93.75 mhz, probably the last game system to use cartridges.

Price: $99.

Pros: Nintendo licenses, nice graphics, price.

Cons: Not enough games (when Nintendo elected to go with a cartridge system, many third-party developers opted to develop games for Sony Playstation's cheaper-to-produce CD-Rom drive), few mature titles.

Top games: Nintendo makes the best games for kids, but they are challenging enough that adults can enjoy them. If you already own an N64, then you probably own these games: SuperMario 64, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, Legend of Zelda. Madden 2000 is essential for football fans.

Hot games for the holidays: Donkey Kong 64 could be the hottest video game the N64 has ever seen, and that's saying a lot, considering Legend of Zelda sold 2. …

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