Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Trump Damned by Silence over White Supremacists

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Trump Damned by Silence over White Supremacists

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Byline: StatesideWith US Editor Christopher Bucktin

AS THE rest of the world struggled to come to terms with true outrage over the sickening New Zealand terrorist attack, Donald Trump was spitting his own venom.

In the wake of the massacre which left 50 Muslims at two mosques dead, the President sent out his template tweet whenever a mass shooting occurs offering his "warmest sympathy and best wishes".

Its inadequacy left many shocked with critics accusing him of failing to understand the enormity of the bloodshed.

But, as those left injured were still being attended to, Trump did the unthinkable.

As details emerged that the attack was carried out by white supremacist, Brenton Tarrant, the US leader began posting a stunning display of personal grievances.

in Over the next 48 hours, as the world mourned those lost in the religious hate fuelled attack, he started his social media marathon beginning with his thoughts on Jexodous - the alleged shift of Jewish voters to his Republican party.

Trump then took to the issue of the Russian investigation into his election campaign team booming: "THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO A PRESIDENT AGAIN."

It showed just where his heart and soul genuinely lay on what was a truly devastating day.

What followed over the weekend was a tirade of tweets.

Trump demanded the return of a supportive Fox News host who was missing from her usual spot on Saturday after verbally attacking an American Muslim lawmaker.

He escalated his beyond-the-grave feud with late Senator John McCain, attacked comedy show Saturday Night Live for poking fun at him, again lampooned the New her in the Russian probe before then demanding a now-closed car plant in Ohio be re-opened or sold.

The diatribe left even his supporters stunned, given that he said he didn't think white supremacy was a growing global problem after the Christchurch attack.

It was even more damning considering Tarrant's rambling, incoherent manifesto had by now emerged in which he said he was a supporter of Trump whom he described as a "symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose". …

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