Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Facing the Day with Added Specs Appeal

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Facing the Day with Added Specs Appeal

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Byline: Dave Robson

FOR someone who spends a lot of time peering at a computer screen, it's been a long-time coming.

But after another day scrunching my face into a very odd expression indeed, just so I could focus on the characters clearly, the time had come to admit: I may need reading glasses.

I vaguely recall writing in this very column about the time I got my first pair of specs.

Prescribed mainly so I could see the telly - and, as a reassuring extra bonus, not crash into oncoming traffic when my eyes were tired during a drive - my eyesight has remained reassuringly resolute since then.

But a little research tells me "then" was, in fact, 10 years ago. And with various parts of my 2019 body feeling the strain compared to the 2009 version (steady now), eyesight was always going to be right up there.

Things began well when I strolled into the opticians - at least I had the right place. Look, some of these shop signs are very similar, and my eyesight's not what it used to be. As I rested my chin on the, er, weird focussy thing (a man of words, that's me), the memories flooded back of how I actually quite liked this bit.

My sense of anticipation, awaiting the puff of air onto my eyeball while I tried, but failed, not to blink, was palpable.

Preliminaries done, it was back into the waiting room while an optometrist was summonsed.

I chuckled when I remembered how last time, while perusing my surroundings, I was briefly outraged by one manufacturer's name - until I realised FCUK do glasses too and that my eyes were playing up again. It was a good line then, it's a good line now.

Back to the present and a man - of that much I was certain - called Gowim, or Givam, or something, beckoned me into a small room. Turns out Gavin (by now I was at the perfect distance to read his name badge) was a very nice chap, even if he did depress the hell out of me by telling how some ocular fluid or other thickens up when you pass the age of 45, hence impacting on your eyesight. …

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