Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Recycling a Plane Wreck

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Recycling a Plane Wreck

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Daosa Piccadilly Valley Natural Reserve, (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay) (Base wine 2016 plus older reserve wines), $40.

If you think that's complicated, it gets 'complicateder' on the back label, but you realise there's a lot going on as soon as you taste it. Great fun. 9.2/10.

Thorn-Clarke Eden Valley 'William Randell' Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, $60. Sometimes you feel like hiding a wine at a party, or quickly scoffing the lot with a confidante in a corner of the kitchen. This is one such wine. 9.4/10.

(Thorn-Clarke Wines) Eden Trail Eden Valley Riesling 2018, $26. Has riesling finally caught on and the price is rising, or is this just posh? This is about as full bodied as riesling gets, so you get ya' money's worth. 9/10.

Irvine Eden Valley 'The Estate' Merlot 2017. Just the wine for occasions sitting on the veranda overlooking one's estate, eh what? Tally-ho old chap. 8.7/10.

Irvine Eden Valley The Estate Shiraz 2017. A nice cross between a rough and tumble Barossan shiraz and a sexy suave Eden Valley offering. Like moi, wine can be rough and tough and sexy all at once. 9.1/10.

Tahbilk Grenache Mourvedre Rose 2018, $21.50. This is striking rose, which is really saying something given how many roses have lifted their game. Maybe rose is the best way to express yourself if you're a grape? 9.1/10.



I FEEL so guilty.

Craig Reucassel can make as many straw turtles as he likes but until America gets on board it ain't gonna work.

Yes, Americans use so many straws that Craig could make a turtle the size of Tasmania every day with the little buggers and still have enough left over to kill every turtle on the planet.

However, just as climate change sceptics thinking because the impact of Australia doing the right thing will be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things doesn't mean we shouldn't actually do anything about it, neither should we give up on using sustainable materials for things like plastic straws just because America won't. …

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