Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

How to Get Lasting Satisfaction from a Wet Bank Holiday

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

How to Get Lasting Satisfaction from a Wet Bank Holiday

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Byline: Carrie Carlisle

IFLIPPING well love spring, I do. Lambs frolicking in fields. Drunken, sunburnt lads, frolicking in beer gardens.

Winter is over, summer is on the horizon.

We even get the time off to enjoy it! Bank Holidays abound once May kicks in.

Are you inviting family around for a barbecue? Perhaps you just to enjoy a few drinks together. Or rather, do you want to, but can't face the thought of them being in your house? I get it. I've been there.

Most of my life I was chronically messy and disorganised.

It took me until my thirties to understand the point of having a home I liked being in.

And even then, I would have one room in the house, the way I liked it, whilst the rest of the place remained totally out of control.

Spring cleaning is a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

To prepare for Passover, Jewish people spring-clean, to ensure there are no leavened products in the home.

More recently, our great-grandgrandmothers, say, would springclean, to rid the house of soot from fireplaces that had accumulated over the winter months.

We don't need to do that. Gone are the days of soaking net curtains. Or polishing silver.

Cleaning isn't as time-consuming as it used to be.

But we have an extra complication that previous generations never did: Stuff.

So much detritus. We buy more than they ever could have and keep far more than we need - which is why spring cleaning is impossible for our generation. Cleaning without decluttering isn't cleaning at all.

Now, I appreciate that you aren't going to want to spend your entire long weekend cleaning your house, especially as the first round of decluttering is such a hard slog.

But, equally, it's no fun to have a home you refuse to entertain in because the mess gets you down too much.

So let's start small. …

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