Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Scooter Riders Should Take a Course before Using

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Scooter Riders Should Take a Course before Using

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SAFETY starts with yourself and not just with the item you are using.

There are many machines we use today that carry risk.

Are we going to ban all of these due to an accident.

I bet most of the scooter riders never rode a scooter in their life until these were introduced.

Maybe scooter riders should have to go though a course before being allowed to ride them and issued with a permit



Older Aussies hit with refund scheme

THE "container for change" refund scheme may be a roaring success but many without convenient access to refund and recycling centres are hit with the extra 10c container, plus GST.

It is a windfall for supermarkets and a GST gain from every container for our state government which initiated the scheme.

Consider the elderly, without transport, who rely on home deliveries or others to do their shopping, in no position to cash in on the containers they've been charged, especially when recycling centres are inconveniently not within their reach.

It is discriminating and adds to the cost of living for these shut-ins and others without access to the few strategically-positioned centres rather than at the point of purchase.

Not everyone has a vehicle or the means to drop off their containers.

Lucky for some, but for those without access, not. Recycling centres should be placed at major shopping complexes, for convenience without extra outlay and effort.

It has been advantageous and lucrative for the government which benefits but is not involved, retailers and those who show initiative and do collect and recycle.

It has helped clean up our communities and the environment.

But those upon whom it is imposed, usually older Australians with no recourse but to pay the extra irretrievable cost, are financially disadvantaged.



Back to the 'medieval' green world

GREENS dream of a zero emissions world without coal, oil and natural gas. …

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