Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

X-Men Gang Is Back; Younger and Older Stables Play out the Changes over Decades

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

X-Men Gang Is Back; Younger and Older Stables Play out the Changes over Decades

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Years before Iron Man laid the foundations for Marvel's Cinematic Universe as we know it today, the X-Men were already a well-established gang of superheroes.

Spanning two decades, the X-Men saga features two stables of stars playing the younger and older versions of mutants.

In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the latest instalment of the franchise, James McAvoy returns in his fourth outing as Charles Xavier, the young leader of the X-Men team, which is attempting to embrace a new-found hero status and acceptance within society.

But they must grapple with a new challenge: the unpredictable powers of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). Here's James McAvoy's take on it:

Q: The legacy cast is coming back. What prompted you to return?

A: I think a combination of things. We all enjoy playing these characters - I know I do. I've always enjoyed being in these X-Men films. I love this company of actors, and the crew. There's a massive extended family that goes back nearly 10 years that you feel very loyal to. And it's also the character that I feel loyal to, getting to take Charles forward and do something else with him as well, it just feels right. So that's what brought me back.

Q: Where do we find Charles?

A: Whereas he was maybe a figurehead or a leader of a social movement, he's now a figurehead and a leader of a political movement, and I think that's how he regards himself. One of the interesting things he does is he justifies what he's doing because he can say that he's being loyal to his principles, but I think he's forgotten those principles only exist to protect the people that he should be loyal to. That's his family, and that's his kind, his species and he's sort of forgotten that.

I think he's put himself at the front of it all, seen himself as the torchbearer, being the friendly face of mutanity for humanity. He's justified what his ego is making him do, becoming the centre of attention. And if you go back to First Class, that's something I tried to put into him, as a bit more of a self-centred person. …

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