Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Privileged Elite Are Inflicting Misery on Working Classes

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Privileged Elite Are Inflicting Misery on Working Classes

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Byline: Stephen Hepburn

BEYOND the recent revelations made by some Tories who want to be Prime Minister, those with healthy bodies would be forgiven for wondering if Theresa May got out of bed every morning determined to do her very worst.

That the worst Prime Minister since her predecessor, David Cameron, appears to genuinely think she was doing her best will leave many of us shuddering at how much worse the wheat field tearaway must think it could've been.

Her failed Brexit will be May's political legacy, the tribal Tory playing a poor hand unforgivably badly by offering herself as a prisoner of the likes of Boris Johnson who wanted, and might yet get, her job.

Johnson calculatedly ruffles his hair for the TV cameras to distract from his hardline ideological Toryism by attempting to appear a jolly japer.

Few people fall for Johnson's clown act these days and laugh at, not with, a Tory MP who views the North as a foreign land to be starved of investment.

Johnson isn't interested in detail, preferring to jabber in Latin or Greek than make sense in English when he knows he will be called out.

Educated way beyond his usefulness, the calamity that is Universal Credit is, alas, unlikely to capture the attention of a privileged Conservative born into pomposity.

Universal Credit's a monster, what was billed as a simplification of benefits is driving folk to despair and cutting gaping holes in an already threadbare welfare state.

At a time when almost three million children in the UK endured the biggest jump in poverty for nearly three decades, the Trussell Trust charity's found food bank use climbed by half where Universal Credit's imposed.

Here in the North East the total of more than 88,000 emergency food parcels distributed over the past year is a harrowing condemnation of a failed system. …

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