Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Try a Diet Detox This Winter

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Try a Diet Detox This Winter

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Byline: Susie Burrell

THE days are shorter, the temperatures have dropped and we are almost smack bang in the middle of winter. So, if your intake of all things warm and yummy has increased and you have found it too cold to get out of bed in the morning to work out, here are some easy ways to give your diet an overhaul this winter.

While detox diets do not do anything overly special in the body, a period of low calorie eating in which you load up your diet with fresh fruits and vegies, eliminate the processed foods, sugar and caffeine and embrace a few tricks to rid yourself of a few kilos quickly, can help you look and feel your best in just a couple of days. The key is to get organised, allocate enough time to food prep and planning, and get some early nights so you can reap the benefits of your diet detox.

1. Start with a low calorie day or two

Whether you choose to replace your meals with fruits, salad or vegetables or begin your detox with a small fast (whereby you eat very little for a day or two), a short period of low calorie eating will do wonders for your body. Very rarely do we eat our meal or snacks because of hunger; rather we eat because have been programmed to or because there is tasty food available.

A period of fasting helps us to get back in touch with our natural appetite, helps to deplete some of our glycogen stores so you are ready to burn more fat, and gives the cells a reboot. One to two days of light eating or fasting is more than enough, while you drink plenty of water and herbal tea to ensure you keep hydrated.

2. Make yourself some detox soup

Not only does a low calorie, vegie-rich soup boost your nutrition by loading you up with a tonne of vegetables, but the high water content of your soup coupled with lots of potassium courtesy of all the vegies helps to quickly flush the body of extra fluid it may have been holding on to from a diet high in sugars, processed carbs and salt.

Simply adding a vegetable soup into your daily menu is likely to give you a 1-2kg drop on the scales very quickly and, although this will mainly be water weight, it's a safe and healthy way to feel lighter and more energised quickly. …

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