Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Five Reasons Why It Doesn't Matter What Evans Thinks

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Five Reasons Why It Doesn't Matter What Evans Thinks

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Byline: Christian Morrow


Every six months or so a town or a city likes to compare itself to Byron Bay.

They are either expressing relief that they are not Byron, touting themselves as the new Byron, telling everyone why they are better than Byron or just generally having go at Byron about our parking, the prices, the crowds, the fire twirling, the disco dong and generally just how wealthy, whacky and weird we look to them from the outside.

Sometimes they are doing all three things at once, as the good folk from Evans Head are doing right now.

They are both fascinated and appalled at the same time.

Here in Byron we are used to it.

It comes at us all the time from nearby towns and shires, big city media types, overseas cities, international celebrities and of course pollies of all stripes have tried to befriend us or revile us - you name it, they have all had a go.

So go ahead, knock yourself out.


Facts and figures do matter and my esteemed colleague Susanna Freymark has done a great job of setting out the important headline numbers.

Even though the international ice cream scoop index, fish wrap fillet size specification and canines per square meter of beach coefficient are very reliable ways of measuring civic worth and well being there is is more to a place than how much the most expensive house costs and how much it costs to park there.

These days the roughly 15,000 Byron Shire ratepayers are holding together, by the skin of our teeth, the infrastructure to cope with roughly 2.5 million tourists a year. So yeah, we are going to charge you $4 an hour to park here.

It's expensive because everyone in the world wants to either live here or visit here, so the real estate and accommodation gets pricey.

Byron is the nightclub with the really long line out the front that everyone is desperate to get into, not the daggy one down the road with no queue. …

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