Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Jones's Deadly Rhetoric

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Jones's Deadly Rhetoric

Article excerpt

Byline: Sherele Moody

Radio announcer Alan Jones has no idea of how scary his 'shove a sock down her throat' comment really is

ALAN Jones's "shove a sock down her throat" phrase is a reprehensible, abhorrent and clear act of misogyny Australia can well do without right now.

The radio broadcaster made the comment on Thursday, calling on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to shut New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's voice down on the Pacific climate crisis because he did not agree with her take on the issue.

Jones called Ms Ardern "a joke", "an absolutely and utter lightweight" and a "clown" who had "swallowed the climate change hoax".

"I just wonder whether Scott Morrison is going to be fully briefed to shove a sock down her throat," he said.

With 42 Australian women killed this year and the ramifications of the Sydney CBD stabbing attacks still weighing heavy on the shoulders of many females, it is clear Jones has well and truly failed to read the room.

Worse still, I have to ask: Has Jones even given a thought as to what this comment means for people who have lost a loved one - or been the victim - of this type of crime?

Sadly, when I read his words, my first thought was for the two little Queensland girls murdered by stepfather Barry Gordon Hadlow.

The sex-depraved monster ended their lives by shoving clothing down their throats.

It is not only perpetrators of sexual violence who kill in this way.

At least 250 of the 1800 femicides and child deaths I have documented involved males choking, suffocating or strangling their victims to death.

Thousands of strangulation, suffocation and choking cases are prosecuted across the country each year, with experts saying these victims are 800 times more likely to be murdered than those who are not.

The problem is so bad states and territories have rolled out - or are rolling out -specific laws to deal with perpetrators of this type of violence. …

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