Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Britain Never Stood 'Alone'

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Britain Never Stood 'Alone'

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PETER Curtis (Remainer democrats? Journal Letters, October 1) may not consider remainers to be traitors, but as a patriot his knowledge of history is something of traitor to facts.

He states Britain "stood alone" in WWII until Pearl Harbour in December 1941 brought the US into the war. Why would Curtis denigrate the massive effort made by others for Britain in what was from September 1939 a world war, when Britain - and France - declared war on Nazi Germany.

We fought alongside France, and Norway, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, until all were over-run in 1940, and in that summer their pilots flew with ours and others from across the Empire and the world to defeat the Luftwaffe, the Polish pilots of 303 squadron shooting down more enemy planes than any other unit, without whom Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding said the battle might well have been lost.

Curtis says we gave more to Russia "than them us by sending them supplies by naval convoys". Maybe, but the Soviets lost 20 million people fighting the Nazis, but as per us "standing alone", it was never true.

Tens of thousands of navy and merchant seamen died on convoy ships from the world over to keep Britain supplied with food. Why does Curtis only see British blood? Moving on, he asserts Nissan is in the UK "because Nissan recognise they have a magnificent workforce at one of the most productive car plants in the world" - cars then overwhelmingly sold into the tarifffree European market.

But no level of worker productivity could overcome his beloved WTO's automatic 10% tariffs on car exports, nor interruptions to just-in-time supply chains thanks to a No Deal.

On trade, he says "our annual trade with the EU has been decreasing annually". Not in absolute terms, but yes, relative to growth in trade with the rest of the world - by which he proves the EU does not hinder our global trade, it never has, indeed much of our trade is facilitated through scores of EU trade agreements led by British trade negotiators. …

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