Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

'Horrendous' Traffic Makes Lives a Misery as Roadworks Rumble On

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

'Horrendous' Traffic Makes Lives a Misery as Roadworks Rumble On

Article excerpt

Byline: SONIA SHARMA @TheSharminator

FAMILIES on a Tyneside estate say they have been living through a traffic nightmare for more than two years due to roadworks and congestion.

Residents in Longbenton, North Tyneside, claim they are trapped every morning at peak time and find it difficult to get out of their estate, with cars blocking both main exit points.

On one side is Killingworth Road, which has had roadworks going on since July 2017, and on the other side is the Four Lane Ends junction, which suffers from congestion.

As a result, people say traffic in the area moves at a snail's pace during rush hour.

Billy Thompson, 61, a baker, said: "We've suffered because of the work going on along Killingworth Road and because of the congestion at Four Lane Ends.

"It's horrendous. You can't get off the estate in the morning. If you want to get to work, you have to leave an hour and a half early.

"It doesn't matter which way you go, you are going to get stuck."

Paul Sanderson, 64, says taxi drivers have told him they can't come to pick him up from the middle of the West Farm Avenue area because they will get stuck in traffic.

"I've had taxis telling me they won't come onto the estate because the traffic is that bad and they'll not be able to get back out," he added.

"It can take around half an hour just to get from Four Lane Ends to West Farm Avenue at peak time.

"There are cars everywhere bumper to bumper. And because of that residents here are trapped, we can't get out. "It can sometimes take over an hour to go half a mile."

Lee Kelly, manager of The Charnwood pub, said she often got stuck in traffic when she took her granddaughter to school.

"It was absolutely horrendous," she said. "The journey to her school should only take 10 minutes. But it was taking us at least half an hour every morning."

And resident Yvonne Richardson said she has had to add an extra hour to journeys, such as attending hospital appointments, and it once took 45 minutes just to get down West Farm Avenue. …

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