Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Minimum Wage Too Low

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Minimum Wage Too Low

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LAST week meat workers earning just above award wage walked off the job after growing frustrated they could not come to a compromise.

Negotiations over a new enterprise agreement for Primo Foods' Wacol workers dragged on for eight months with parent company JBS, which posted record revenue in the past financial year.

Employees sought a 3 per cent increase and back pay or a sign-on bonus equivalent to the extra money they feel they should have been receiving while talks have stalled.

Their strike was a contentious issue on Facebook. Here's what you said:

Dani Luisa Danger: Look, it's not an outrageous ask in bargaining for a 3% payrise & it sounds like the employer can afford it after making record profits. Don't forget that the Reserve Bank has also said that employers should be doing more re: wage rises to help the economy. Also, a simple request to move the half day back to Friday. I don't think the worker's bargaining claim is outrageous & the employers should be striving to be an employer of choice including stopping the 457 visa & employing Australian workers instead.

Brian Cane: If they are being paid above the award wage, which is the minimum legal payment what is the problem? Either upskill and climb the ranks to increase your worth or find somewhere else where you can be paid more? ... you wonder why Aussie companies are selling out to offshore, downsizing or shutting down!

Sevs Sven: the problem is minimum wage is too low an doesn't increase at the same rate inflation does.

Rick Perry: The workers here have not had a decent payrise in years. They push there workers wanting more and more... the cost of living has skyrocketed and fuel prices have aswell.. but it seems the wages are staying the same. 2% is what they are offering!! Does not reflect the work that everyone does. …

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