Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Some Adam's Mark Guests Blew a Valuable Opportunity

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Some Adam's Mark Guests Blew a Valuable Opportunity

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The Adam's Mark Hotel never admitted wrongdoing when it paid $8 million to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by African-American guests who stayed at the Daytona Beach hotel during last year's Black College Reunion.

So it would seem that black guests and visitors at the hotel this year would have been hellbent on showing the hotel up for the foolishness of its past practices.

Instead, they did the opposite.

According to various newspaper reports, the hotel was trashed. Beer and wine bottles littered the lobby. Trash and broken glass littered the driveway. The stairwells reeked of urine and vomit. A woman exposed herself in a hallway. One visitor openly smoked marijuana in the lobby.

Hotel officials eventually called the police.

All of which gave Fred Kummer, Adam's Mark president, an opportunity to seize the moment -- as well as sympathy from people who look for ways to vilify anti-discrimination legislation as more government intrusion. He implied that the mayhem ensued because the Justice Department was running the hotel, not him.

There should be no confusion that the department's consent decree doesn't mean that hotel officials couldn't have called the police to immediately arrest lawbreakers or control crowds.

But the issue is not about what the hotel should have done.

It is about what the guests and visitors should have done.

First of all, African-Americans should have expected the eyes of the media upon them. They should have known that many times, if someone loses in a court of law, then that someone's next step may be to look for vindication in the court of public opinion.

It is a vindication the black guests and visitors should have fought like hell not to hand to the Adam's Mark. …

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