Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

MNF Choice Just Another Bad Joke

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

MNF Choice Just Another Bad Joke

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Gimmicks not games.

Comedians not commentators.

Amusement not analysis.

In case you haven't noticed, this is where we are today in sports.

The games are simply not enough to hold our interest anymore. The meat and potatoes have yielded to wisecracks and laugh tracks. The nuts and bolts replaced by nuts and dolts.

This is not a knock, just a fact. Accept it. Adapt to it.

No use getting angry or indignant like those hopeless traditionalists who are so up in arms about comic Dennis Miller's appointment to the Monday Night Football booth. You wonder why these purists are so shocked and disturbed?

I mean, where have they been over the last 20 years -- stuck in Pleasantville, listening to Curt Gowdy and Mel Allen on their transistor radios?

Hello, people, wake up and smell the cafe latte. This is not ABC doing something revolutionary; this is ABC doing something necessary.

Why the outcry about a comedian commentating on sports? Have you watched ESPN's SportsCenter lately? It's not a newscast, it's an audition for Comedy Central. It's one anchor trying to out-shtick the other with an endless array of rap lyrics, bad one-liners and pop-culture references.


En Fuego.

Cooler than the other side of the pillow.

If Vin Scully were breaking into broadcasting today, he'd spend his whole career calling high school football games at a 50-watt AM station in Wewahitchka. Too much skill; not enough frill.

Personality not performance.

Why do you think Anna Kournikova was on the cover of Sports Illustrated two weeks ago? Because she jiggles and giggles and tantalizes and titillates. Because she sells more magazines wearing fishnet than Lindsay Davenport does rushing the net.

Have you listened to sports talk radio lately? The hottest guy on the waves is Jim Rome -- a.k.a. Romey, a.k.a. Van Smack, a.k.a. the Pimp in the Box, a.k.a. the bawdy, brash gabmaster who talks to his "clones" in "jungle gloss" only they can understand. …

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