Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Splash of Dressing More Than Enough

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Splash of Dressing More Than Enough

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Give Times-Union Consumer Panelist Jan Reeder a helping of salad, and she'll reach for a low-calorie Caesar dressing. Franz Cornelius is partial to Ranch, and David Humphrey favors Italian. As for Casandra Bordes and Lydia Leroux, blue cheese is their choice.

We asked them to put aside their favorites and try some of Hellmann's Tangy Tangerine Citrus Splash Dressing. All ate the dressing, which is made from Florida citrus, on a green salad. Most rated it "fair."

Two tablespoons of dressing contain 80 calories, 6 gms fat, 270 mgs sodium, 4 gms sugars and 10 percent of the daily values of vitamin C.

Comelius, a Baptist minister, describes the Hellmann's Citrus Splash Dressing as mostly tangerine with mixed citrus flavors and too much artificial garlic.

"I would not recommend it," he said. "I like the citrus taste, which is refreshing, but overall, it's really oily and tastes artificial."

Just as the other panelists, Cornelius tried the dressing on a green salad but said it didn't cling very well. He thought it might complement a salad made with carrots, cocoanut and pineapple but said, "It tasted horrible."

However, the women in his family liked the dressing, "My 13-year-old granddaughter thought it was truly cool!" Comelius said.

Homemaker Bordes agrees the dressing is oily and said it's also thin and runny.

"I like my salad dressing thick and a little more creamy," she said.

Besides a tangy citrus flavor, Bordes also tasted vinegar and spices in the Citrus Splash Dressing.

"I like the oil and vinegar taste but not the orange citrus," she said.

"I don't like sweet salad dressing," said executive assistant Leroux, who said the smooth Citrus Splash Dressing has the flavor of real tangerines.

"It might be nice for those who like sweet dressing, but it's too sweet for me," she said. "My husband didn't like it either. …

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