Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Sweet Corn on Cob Perfect for Summer

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Sweet Corn on Cob Perfect for Summer

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When Beverly and I were growing up, summer meant mountains of freshly picked corn waiting in washtubs under Grandmother's pecan tree. Shucking the corn was kids' work, worms and all. We might have been field hands by day, but the reward that night would be sweet, steamed Silver Queen. Eyeing those golden ears dripping with butter was enough to make any farmer feel like royalty.

These days, the closest we get to the field is collecting vegetables from the farmer's market. Even though the years have transformed us into Desperate Cooks, we haven't forgotten our childhood lessons on dealing with giant vats of summer sweet corn.

Here are some ideas for fitting this summer's bounty into your hectic life. If you're going to the trouble to boil corn, you may as well boil a lot of it. Cooking a dozen ears at once is just as easy, and the leftovers keep well. They'll transform your meals for the next two nights.

Today we'll guide you through the initial cooking phase. On the first night, make a side dish of corn on the cob slathered with our 5-minute Basil Garlic Butter. In our next two columns, we'll share ideas on how to use the remaining bounty.

Fill an 8-quart or larger pot with water roughly a third of the way full (about 3 quarts). Place it over high heat, cover, and bring it to a boil. (If you don't have a big pot, use two 4 1/2-quart soup pots.)

While the water comes to a boil, shuck the corn. One of the lessons you learn on the farm is not to obsess over this job. Grab the shucks and go. Three pulls (four at the most) should do it. Don't pick off every strand of silk, or you'll be there all day. (Forget those silk-removing brushes. They don't work.)

When your pot boils, add the corn, cover and bring it back to a boil. Cook the corn at a rolling boil until just tender, about 11 minutes for large ears. (Smaller ears will cook faster. …

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