If You're Looking for a New Job, Best Thing You Can Do Is Not Burn Bridges

Article excerpt

Here is a question for our employment panel.

Q: I want to find another job for many reasons, some of them related to poor working conditions. I have tried to remedy these conditions, but the only response from management is that this is as good as it gets here. My fear is that my bosses, who are well connected, will subvert my opportunities for a new position at other local companies. I don't intend to badmouth my current employer, but I don't think that matters because my bosses consider any departure an act of disloyalty. How do I handle this in my best interest?

"If you have evidence that your bosses have been dishonest and vindictive when other employees have left, ask them after you've resigned what kind of reference they will give you when the new employer calls. Confronting the issue in advance and correcting any misconceptions will give you peace of mind and will likely result in a fair, objective reference."

-- Charles Hoskins, managing partner, Heidrick & Struggles Inc., Jacksonville

"When you initiate your job search, be prepared to let prospective employers know that you are conducting a confidential job search so as not to jeopardize your current employment status. The majority of all organizations respect this request as a matter of business protocol. …


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