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About a hundred million years before Al Gore invented the Internet, sea turtles thrived in our oceans and along our shorelines. Sadly, sea turtles aren't doing so well these days. In fact, all species of sea turtles are on the endangered or threatened lists. Since 90 percent of sea turtle nesting in the continental United States occurs along Florida's beaches, those of us living in coastal communities directly impact the future of our seafaring friends.

The Internet provides a wealth of knowledge about sea turtles. Among the hundreds of sites on the Web devoted to these creatures, one of the very best is the site created by the nonprofit Caribbean Conservation Corporation/Sea Turtle Survivor League. Whether you are just beginning to learn about sea turtles or you're a serious-minded sea turtle enthusiast, this excellent site has something for everyone.

Want to review the basics about sea turtles? No problem, simply click on the Learn About Sea Turtles link from the home page. Review an introduction to sea turtles and find detailed information about each species. There's plenty of information regarding behavior patterns of sea turtles, threats to sea turtles and conservation. Check out the maps of sea turtle nesting beaches for several species and make sure to take a gander at Florida's Coastal Habitats. I especially enjoyed some of the multimedia components sprinkled throughout this site. For example, while exploring the Learn About Sea Turtles section, take a look at some of the impressive video clips of sea turtles in their natural habitats.

If you think the Internet is cool use of technology, take a look at the Sea Turtle Tracking Education Program link. Learn how satellite tracking of sea turtles works, check out current and past tracking programs, and view a regularly updated map showing the migratory movements of endangered sea turtles being tracked by satellite. …


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