Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Shooter Game Makes Outstanding TV Debut

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Shooter Game Makes Outstanding TV Debut

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With the PlayStation 2, Sony promised we would see the types of games that previously you could only play on PCs.

Infogrames stepped up to the plate right away with a port of the hugely successful PC shooter, Unreal Tournament. Once you get used to following the action on your television instead of your computer monitor, you'll find that the PS2 version is just as good as the PC version. In other words, it's outstanding.

This game was never for the squeamish, and the PS2 version has all the frags and gore of the original. It's all very familiar to the experienced gamer, and if you've played the original then the PS2 version is a refreshing change. And if you've never tried Unreal Tournament before, this is one of the best shooters on any console.

Best of all you, can use a keyboard and mouse with the PS2. I used a standard Logitech keyboard and optical mouse, and it works very well. The PS2 already has the connecting (USB) port for your keyboard, so you don't need to buy anything extra, and the keyboard-mouse control is so much better than the PS2 Dual Shock controller that it's worth taking the time to rearrange a few cables.

There are no online capabilities yet, so you'll have to limit your challenge to the other people in the room with you, but that's the only knock on a quality game. Beautiful graphics, a good mix of weapons and computer enemies that are as tough as you want them to be make this a good buy.

Wizards and Warriors -- Too many bugs and too many crashes were far more of a challenge to overcome than what started as a fun old-school Dungeons and Dragons style role playing game (RPG).

I was never able to finish this game -- and it takes a long time to finish, upward of 80 hours -- because I got tired of glitches and freezes. I have plenty of games on my PC, but this is the only one I've ever had this much trouble with.

And that's too bad. It's a pretty fun game, and with a few patches I might return to it someday. But one of the worst things that can happen to an RPG-er is to lose an hour or two worth of dungeon crawling to a system crash.

So that's what stinks. Here's the good. W&W (**) is the kind of old-fashioned gaming epic that has enough unique characters, good armor and spells, plenty of battles and exploring and all the fun things you expect from a good RPG. …

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