Use State Web Site to Track Progress of Legislative Bills

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Byline: Mike Clark, Times-Union Reader Advocate

Dear Call Box: Where can a person go to find what bills are under consideration in the Florida Legislature and their status? Is there a Bill 602, for instance? Is it active? -- R.H.

Dear R.H. Yes, there is a Bill 602 in the Florida Senate, which would continue a Lifetime Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund within the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Without the bill, this fund would be ended. The bill is working its way through committees.

You can find good information bills in progress on the state's Web site: Click on "Information center" for tips. You can use a search engine to track bills. The site not only includes the text of the bill, but amendments, staff analysis and a history of action in the Legislature. It's like having your own reporter in Tallahassee.

Also, you can e-mail your local representatives and senators by using the following formats:

For representatives, use this format:

For senators, use this format:

The March 4 newspaper included a list of legislators and contacts.

For a list of various contacts for the Duval Legislative Delegation, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Call Box. …


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