Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

A Spin Doctor Writes. Ace PR Man Tad Friendly Tells All to PETER BRADSHAW

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

A Spin Doctor Writes. Ace PR Man Tad Friendly Tells All to PETER BRADSHAW

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I HAVE returned from a highly unsatisfactory image consultants' convention in overcast Tallahassee to find my enceinte lady wife Normandie the colour of heavily grilled toast: the result, she informs me, of merely staying out in the garden. But there was no time to ponder this meteorological quirk. I had to snap into action as m yfax machine chattered into life with news from Number 10 of another malingering farm ani -mal. So I was busy bombarding the media with news of w hat w e are now terming Bogus Compensation Seekers: farm -ers who are deliberately infect -ing their own stock, flogging infected carcasses, painting red dots onto sheep and training pigs to snee ze. T he w hingers at the NFU have had the temerity to wonder how all these stories suddenly swamped the media. I'll tell you how , love.

Professionalism and sheer bloody hard work. What we've all got to understand is that the supposed sudden destruction of British farming and the annihilation of the rural way of life are not the sto -ries here. The real issue is the Bogus Compensation Seekers. Fortunately, most responsible news outlets have taken this on board.

But there are alw ays good moments in my stressed existence and it is a matter of enormous professional and personal satisfaction to me that my friend and client Louis Farrakhan is to be allow ed into this country after yonks and yonks and yonks. I first came into contact with Louis when, under contract to Moss Bros in '91, I put some feelers out to him for a possible ad shoot. Sadly, there was a problem with availabilities. But we got on like a house on fire.

SO can I just correct some misapprehensions about Louis?

He does not "detest" gays and Jew s. How utterly absurd!

T hat is an inaccurate assessment of his views and those of the Nation of Islam. He has been, without exception, quoted out of context. And his meeting with the prophet Elijah on a spaceship has been massively dis -torted and, frankly, made to look suspicious in the way it has been reported in the British Press. It wasn't a "spaceship" but an inter planetary mission craft constructed from a lightweight titanium alloy, and Louis simply took a preliminary meeting with Elijah and some other Old Testament characters in the course of w hat was, in fact, a very routine orbit of Pluto. …

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