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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union


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Some of the NFL's reaction to the terrorist attacks across the country, and the league's decision not to play this weekend:

"If we [did] play Sunday, it looks like: 'Those damn football players. All they care about is their money.' But we don't have a choice in the matter. The NFL's going to decide. You know what? I'll forgo my weekly paycheck. This is serious."

--Phil Hansen, Buffalo Bills defensive end

"From a personal standpoint -- not as a coach but as an American -- we want to play. I don't want cowards to dictate what we do in this country. That's where my anguish is right now."

--Brian Billick, Baltimore Ravens coach

"It's something you would expect to see in a movie, but it's real life. It makes you sick to your stomach. Every day, I would wake up and see the skyline. Now it's not the same skyline. It's a weird feeling."

--Lomas Brown, N.Y. Giants offensive tackle

"I think it was an entirely appropriate decision. The logistics and the security issues were important, but I think the most important issue is the magnitude of what happened and the need to mourn and grieve as a nation this weekend. We don't need sports and entertainment this weekend. We need time to mourn and grieve."

--Jason Hanson, Detroit Lions kicker

"It would've been hard to overlook everything that happened in favor of a game."

--Herman Moore, Detroit Lions receiver

"I would prefer to play a 16-game schedule. It's the fair thing to do. But I don't know if that's possible or not. This hasn't been a normal week. This thing has affected everyone across the country, every football player and every American. You can't play this game if you're not focused. I can't tell you how I would have felt, but the national anthem would have meant a little more."

--Jay Fiedler, Miami Dolphins quarterback

"We play football players on TV on Sundays, but we're human beings, too. It would be tough to go out there and celebrate a touchdown knowing there's so many people out there still suffering."

--Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins defensive end

"The overriding concern is that it's inappropriate. …

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