Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Your Guide to Online Loafing; EDUCATION 2001

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Your Guide to Online Loafing; EDUCATION 2001

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Most students have free internet access, which means you can while away hours of valuable study time looking at utter rubbish. Alex Hannaford presents his indispensible guide to student surfing

STUDENT LIFE For all things student, look no further than the official website of the National Union of Students. It offers advice, entertainment, information, jobs and student offers. Create your own personalised newspaper. Take stories from online papers and magazines all over the world and never again miss the top stories from the Jerusalem Post, Feminist News and Popular Science. .htm The ONLY recipes you will ever need.

Like how to make toast, and pickled onion sandwiches. Great for finding out the real story behind the city you're going to be living in for the next three or four years. Just type in your postcode or town and you'll be bombarded with information on policing and crime for your area, how much council tax you'll pay, houses to rent or buy, your nearest restaurant or post office, what's on, and even the tons of waste collected per household that was recycled. Just in case you were wondering. "I quote another man's saying; unluckily, that other withdraws himself in the same way, and quotes me." Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote this in the 1800s. I know this because this website told me. It's an incredible database of searchable quotations from John Lennon to Oscar Wilde.

There are 11,000 to search so for that professional touch to your dissertation, look no further. A dictionary. Obviously. Biological, agricultural, government information, maps, art history resources, a Shakespeare Resource Center. In fact, everything you'll ever need to know. The only drawback to this comprehensive resource centre is that it's very US-centric. Search for new, out-of-print and used books, and buy online. Great student resource. So you've started uni, you're spending what little money you have down the pub, and you're feeling guilty. And now you want to save the world. Go to the hunger site, click on one sponsor a day and they will pay for one cup of staple food for the world's poorest people. There, stop feeling so guilty and order another pint.

TIME-WASTERS There's only one poster you'll need on your wall, and therefore only one accompanying website you'll need to visit. Say no more. tml Everyone likes popping bubble wrap, don't they. Now you can do it online instead of going to lectures. "I went to Ozzy Osbourne's house years and years ago (his nephew went to school with my bruv), and he had an escalator instead of stairs. …

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