Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

The World's Sexiest Blow-Dry

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

The World's Sexiest Blow-Dry

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'They tell me everything.' The hairdresser propositioned by America's richest women flirts with Emily Sheffield

BEFORE he cuts my hair, Sean Jahanbigloo, owner of the chic Juan Juan hair salon in Beverly Hills, wants to get one thing straight contrary to rumour, he never gets romantically involved with his clients, not even the ones who happen to be some of Hollywood's sexiest women.

"If I went out with one client after another," he says, "I would always be giving free haircuts. You can't sleep with a woman and then charge for a wash and blow-dry!"

Warren Beatty may have got away with fraternising with his customers in Shampoo, but he wasn't paying the bills.

The rumour started when American Elle magazine called Sean one of the world's sexiest hairdressers.

I quickly booked myself an appointment - especially after reading that a female client was once so impressed with her shiny locks and Sean's seductive chairside manner that she performed an extra-special sexual favour for him.

"I never said that!" he laughs, looking embarrassed. "All I said was that I knew it went on in other salons."

True or not, his salon was bombarded with calls from women desperate for a snip and sex. You can't blame them. The man is very attractive (with just the right amount of chest hair peeping from his open shirt).

But when he started off all quiet and reserved, I began to doubt the Lothario label.

All that changed once he had me in his salon chair. The power balance shifted and Sean was in control, oozing confidence, flirtatiously asking after my love life and persuading me that American men are cute.

Sean is, in fact, happily married, but he says that although his wife, Jennifer, is a colourist in the salon, his friskier clients continue to proposition him.

"It encourages their bad behaviour," he continues.

"They see a ring and get turned on. Maybe they feel safe because they know I won't take it too far," he muses, brandishing a hairdryer in one hand, smoothing my fringe over my eyes with the other. "Not that I mind flirting," he adds with a grin, checking his appearance in the mirror. …

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