Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Democrats Map a Path to Confusion

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Democrats Map a Path to Confusion

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Byline: Terry Dickson, Times-Union staff writer

Our beloved state legislators spent a lot of our money, $40,000 a day for about six weeks, drawing new election lines.

Did we get our money's worth? If you're looking for entertainment value, we sure did. If you're looking for something that makes sense, we were cheated. Georgia grew a lot in the past 10 years so it gets three new congressional seats and the state Senate and House districts had to change. Oh, but you've got to see these congressional district maps drawn by the Democrats -- I say Democrats because they controlled the process.

The 13th District looks like somebody tried to imagine what an octopus would look like as road kill.

The 7th, which loops around northern Atlanta, looks like something Picasso painted during an LSD trip.

These districts are so ugly that if your kindergartner drew them you'd be ashamed to put them on your refrigerator. If they looked any worse they'd qualify for a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

A psychiatrist tried to use them in an ink blot test but he made the mistake of looking at them himself. He is currently undergoing therapy in an undisclosed location.

The FBI still hasn't found Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph in the North Carolina mountains. If he ever makes it into the new 8th, they'll never find him. Heck, they won't even figure out who the congressman is in that district even if he's not hiding.

In the southern half of the 11th, there are places where you could stand facing south with your right foot in Alabama and your left one in the 8th District.

State Rep. Charlie Smith, a Camden County Democrat and Gov. Roy Barnes' floor leader, said he's heard all the criticism but he also has seen some of the maps proposed by Republicans, the ones that split 40 counties south of Macon. The ones that had 16 incumbent Democrats running against each other. …

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