Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Taliban Line Holds as Air Raids Go on; ATTACK ON AFGHANISTAN

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Taliban Line Holds as Air Raids Go on; ATTACK ON AFGHANISTAN

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AMERICAN planes hit Kabul again this morning and struck at the Taliban front lines 20 miles north of the city.

They also targeted front lines of the Taliban around the strategic city of Mazar-i-Sharif in the north.

Progress of the two Northern Alliance forces trying to take Mazar is reported to be painfully slow. The Uzbek force of Abdul Rashid Dostum does not seem to be able to rally enough troops to break the Taliban lines. The Taliban are reported to be fighting back fiercely and to have yielded little ground.

Taliban and Northern Alliance forces this week have been locked in their biggest battle of this campaign so far across the Shamali Plain, running north of Kabul.

The Taliban claim that US bombers killed 52 people in a village near Kandahar yesterday. The claim, made through the Afghan Islamic Press agency in Pakistan, says that the people, mostly nomads, were killed in or near the village of Chakor Kariz.

The Pentagon has admitted that a bomb from a US Navy Hornet fighter hit an old people's home in the western city of Herat on Sunday morning. Victoria Clarke, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said the aircraft had been trying to hit a military vehicle storage area when the 1,000lb device went astray, and the home was hit.

"We have no information on casualties," she said. The UN, however, says that 100 people may have been killed or wounded in a military hospital in Herat - which is close to the original Taliban claim made on Monday.

The Pentagon has admitted that a US Navy Tomcat fighter-bomber dropped two bombs on residential areas in the north of the capital on Saturday. It was aiming at military vehicles guarding the outskirts of the city.

Yesterday British Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon said that the US bombing and allied cruise missile attacks had already succeeded in destroying all nine of al Qaeda's main training camps in Afghanistan. "I can now tell you that we have successfully put all these camps out of action. …

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