Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Cyndi Lauper Tells What's Going on Singer Shares Views on Pop Music

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Cyndi Lauper Tells What's Going on Singer Shares Views on Pop Music

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Byline: Nick Marino, Times-Union music writer

Between fighting off illness and warning her dog not to eat the cat food, a hacking Cyndi Lauper picked up the phone and recounted her tour with Cher, her severed relationship with Sony/Epic and her thoughts on the sexpot teen queens who reign over pop radio and video.

The 48-year-old singer also discussed her forthcoming album, Shine, which she postponed until summer 2002 to include material about the resilient spirit of post-9/11 New York. For her show Sunday at the Florida Theatre, she promised to unveil new songs and revisit some of her old favorites.

"They'll laugh, they'll cry," Lauper said. "It's like Cats."

T-U: Referring to the teen pop stars of today, you recently told the Scottish Daily Record: "The propaganda that you are now feeding into the youth is a pedophiliac type of prostitution for the young kids today."

Lauper: [The reporter] kind of expanded on that one and got excited and went with it. Prostitution, I don't know where that comes into it. But it is a pedophiliac kind of thing because they dress the kids up like whores. And the people who are the designers and the people who are behind it are middle-aged men, and that's the whole joke.

T-U: In interviews Britney will say, "Well, its my choice. I'm the one who chooses the clothes."

Lauper: Right, right, right, right. You never hear the director tell her, "I want you to look really sexy."

T-U: Well, I'm sure the director doesn't say, "Why don't you go out in sweats tonight?"

Lauper: And how old is she now?

T-U: 20, I think.

Lauper: That's different. That's not a 13-year-old kid like they do with the models. That's a whole different thing. But when she was young and she had [breast enhancement] -- and I don't care what she says now -- I think it's a little twisted for her mom to let a 16-year-old girl do that to her body. Why don't you grow first? When you're grown up and you're 20 and 21 and you want to start doing surgery, go on if that's what you feel compelled to do.

T-U: You toured with Cher not too long ago, speaking of someone who knows a thing or two about personal image. …

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