Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

WHAT'S HOT & WHAT'S NOT 'In' One Year, 2002 and 'Out' the Other

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

WHAT'S HOT & WHAT'S NOT 'In' One Year, 2002 and 'Out' the Other

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Now that we're all getting comfortable with the palindromic year 2002, it seems an appropriate time to look forward and backward. What's going to be "in" in the coming year and what's going to be as passe as parachute pants and mood rings? Are men's hats going to be all the rage? Unicycles? Is polka music set for a big comeback? Frankly, your guess is as good as ours. But it's clear that the national mood isn't what it was before Sept. 11.

Flashy is out, comfortable is in. Here are 50 trends to watch for in the coming year:

Hot Hollywood Hugh: Hugh Jackman

Not: Hugh Grant

Hot cartoon: SpongeBob SquarePants

Not: Powerpuff Girls

Hot Saturday Night Live alum turned movie star: Mike Myers

Not: Adam Sandler

Hot two-seater: Ford Thunderbird

Not: Chrysler Prowler

Hot football trend: Looking forward to the Super Bowl in Jacksonville Not: Looking forward to Jacksonville in the Super Bowl

Hot phone: Hands-free cell phone Not: Pay phone

Hot method of travel: Car Not:Air

Hot adult beverage:Champagne Not: Non-sparkling wine

Hot women's fashion trend: Fringe and feathers Not: One-shoulder tops

Hot housing trend: Million-dollar riverfront condos Not: Gated communities in the 'burbs

Hot exercise: Tai chi Not: Tae bo

Hot hangout: Wine bars Not: Sports bars

Hot seafood: Crab cakes Not: Hyper-rare tuna

Hot hangout: Pool halls Not: Video arcades

Hot hair: Braided Not: Shaved head

Hot vehicle: SUVs that don't look like SUVs Not: SUVs bigger than your house

Hot troubled celebrity: Winona Ryder Not: Robert Downey Jr.

Hot flashback:Hippie clothes Not: Hippie drugs

Hot national mood: Patriotism Not: Unbridled capitalism

Hot Seinfeld trend: Watching reruns Not: Watching shows starring Seinfeld alum

Hot awards show: Golden Globes Not: Oscars

Hot annoying movie theater trend: Cell phones Not: Keeping quiet

Hot must-read book: What Color is Your Parachute Not: Chicken Soup for the Soul

Hot collect call: Prepaid calling cards Not: Whatever service Carrot Top endorses

Hot movie you can see today: Lord of the Rings Not: Vanilla Sky

Hot flower arrangement: The just-picked it-from-my-garden look Not: Formal

Hot home-theater format: DVD Not: VHS

Hot movie trend: Computer-animated family movies with wit and flair (Shrek, Monsters, Inc. …

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