Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Icon Dylan Always A-Changin' Concert Varied, Fully Satisfying

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Icon Dylan Always A-Changin' Concert Varied, Fully Satisfying

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Byline: Nick Marino, Times-Union music writer

The show began with a booming voice announcing the arrival of "Columbia recording artist Bob Dylan," a phrase roughly akin to "Princeton faculty member Albert Einstein."

Dylan is an artist who defies titles and adjectives. After seeing him Tuesday night at the Coliseum, you might call him bony, craggy, crusty, lusty or raspy, but you wouldn't begin to describe the aura that surrounds the 60-year-old performer.

Experiencing a performance by Dylan (especially now that he's officially in his winter years) is not unlike hearing a Mass delivered straight from the pope. You're just glad to be in the building, and if the aged man happens to say something profound, you consider it gravy.

If he happens to, say, rearrange some of his best-known material and lead periodic three-guitar charges of hard-rocking blues, you consider it miraculous.

The 20 songs in Dylan's Jacksonville performance spanned his career, from the show-closing Blowin' in the Wind to any number of songs from his 2001 record Love and Theft.

Track for track, they sounded different from (and often better than) their canonized recorded counterparts: Dylan jangled on The Times They Are A-Changin' and swung on Desolation Row and made Gotta Serve Somebody almost unrecognizable.

For years -- as long as he's been performing, really -- Dylan has deconstructed his songs. He can change the cadence all he wants, but there will always be something satisfying in watching his mouth form the words to his most enduring lyrics -- "She puts her hands in her pockets, Bette Davis style" is a killer line no matter how he sings it.

Tuesday he sang it with the blown-speaker voice he introduced on Love and Theft, a voice that has changed over the years from nasal nursery school whine to throaty junkyard growl. …

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