Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Some Dreams Really Should Come True

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Some Dreams Really Should Come True

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Byline: Mark Woods, Times-Union sports columnist

CHICAGO -- You want to know how much it hurts? You want to know how much Ezra Williams misses his brother?

"I pray for a dream," he said.

That was last month, long before he and his University of Georgia teammates started working on the kind of dream that kids usually talk about come March -- the NCAA Tournament games, the trips to Sweet 16s.

He was talking about a real dream, the kind you have when you close your eyes and fall asleep. Not that sleep has come easily the last 36 nights.

"I pray for a dream where he's still alive," he said, "just so I can see him again."

They last talked Feb. 9. His brother had considered driving to Auburn to watch him play. And when the phone rang afterward, he almost expected it to be him. At the time, Ezra was fuming about what had happened in the game. One of his teammates, center Steve Thomas, had been ejected for fighting. His coach, Jim Harrick, had been thrown out for arguing over a call. The Bulldogs had lost by three points.

It was, he told reporters afterward, so unfair.

Then his cell phone rang and unfair was put in perspective. The signal was bad, so he couldn't make out what his mother was saying. Just that she was crying. He hopped in his car, drove home, called her back and heard: "I have some bad news."

Twiggidy was dead.

That's what they called Antwonne. There are four boys. Samuel, Andre, Antwonne and Ezra. They call each other Siggidy, Piggidy, Twiggidy and Eggidy.

Antwonne, 26, had been in a scuffle. He had been shot, the bullet ripping through both legs, hitting an artery and causing him to bleed to death.

Ezra's first impulse was to try to join him, to take his own life.

His other brothers were buddies. Antwonne?

He sat in a locker room at the United Center, shortly after a practice to prepare for today's game against Southern Illinois, trying to explain. …

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