Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Big Cleanup Job 'I Mean, There's So Much Stuff . . .'

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Big Cleanup Job 'I Mean, There's So Much Stuff . . .'

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Byline: John Carter, Times-Union staff writer

"There's a ton o' junk in there. Whew!"

Andrew Grant of the Northside said there was so much stuff in the cavernous West Bay Street buildings that it was almost too daunting to sort through it for a bargain.

"I mean, there's so much stuff -- and some of it's pretty good -- but so much of it, it's hard to figure out where to begin. I might just have to come back."

And he can come back. The estate liquidation sale at Surplus Store and Piddlers that covers 40,000 square feet of space at two adjacent downtown buildings at 615-633 W. Bay St. will continue for six months or so -- till all the "stuff" is gone.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Cash and checks only will be accepted.

All that "stuff" once belonged to the late Leon Rosenberg, who made plenty of money investing in real estate and the stock market. But the junk business he conducted at those buildings was closest to his heart.

So was the junk. In fact, he was legendary for not wanting to part with it. He'd dig it out of a corner, show it to folks, appraise it for them. But when it came time to sell, he'd often refuse.

"You see that wheelbarrow out front?" asked Ann Berry, a longtime friend who is running the estate sale for the Rosenberg family. "I've been trying to buy it for 20 years. Mr. Rosenberg would always say to me, 'Next time, Annie -- next time,' and he'd pat me on the back. But there never was a next time because he wouldn't sell it."

Now she says she might just wait and see if someone else buys it.

"If it's still there when some of this stuff gets cleared out, I might buy it then," she said. "I just don't know."

Ingrid Cutts, Rosenberg's longtime medical caregiver who is helping run the estate sale, said that if her late boss knew they were selling all his stuff, "He'd probably come back and haunt us."

Berry said contemplating what Rosenberg would think of the big sell-off is a little scary.

"It just gives me absolute chills," she said, folding her arms and feigning a shudder. "I think he would know it's time to do it. …

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