Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Mayport Musical Pair See Superstardom in Their Future

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Mayport Musical Pair See Superstardom in Their Future

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Byline: Mark Faulkner, Shorelines correspondent

If Mayport musician Steve Walker makes a to-do list, here's how his might reads:

1. Play the Hempfest on Saturday with guitarist Ricki Lix.

2. Check in with Mule Skinner Blues Director Stephen Earnhart to see how the movie's playing in New York.

3. Go to work -- landscaping or washing dishes or hitting the street corner to play for tips.

4. Become an international superstar.

It's just a sample of the matter-of-fact life philosophy Walker lives every day. For the past 40 years, he's been readying himself for his musical close-up, living, loving and having no regrets.

Walker and Lix have enjoyed a swell of interest lately because of their roles in Mule Skinner Blues, a documentary filmed in Mayport. The film details the life of Beanie Andrew, his friends and neighbors and their attempts to film a 15-minute horror movie. Both musicians have songs in Mule Skinner Blues, recently performed in New York City, and are planning their next career moves.

The pair said they believe their parts in this movie, along with their dogged work ethic, will make them the next superstars to come out of Jacksonville. There's just no other option.

"We're working on it every day," Walker said. "Him and I play together every day. We practice every day. He goes out and does his stuff, he's a meat salesman; I go out and do my stuff, I do lawn care, I wash dishes sometimes, just whatever I can find to do to make enough money to put strings on my guitar. We go out, we play for tips on the corners of the streets.

"We are aggressive about what we're doing. We're going to prove to the world that we are just exactly what we say we are."

Walker's musical pursuits began 40 years ago. He played for friends, at weddings, parties and other private functions, but he never tried to make it as a professional. In 1993, Walker's girlfriend died. As her health was failing, she made him promise he would give his music a shot in public. He hasn't stopped since.

Six or seven years ago, Walker met Lix after a mutual friend suggested Lix could play drums for the group he was putting together. …

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