Schools with F's Plead for Help Small Class Size, Training on List

Article excerpt

Byline: Laura Diamond, Times-Union staff writer

Parents and educators from a dozen Duval County public schools that received a failing mark from the state want the school system to provide extra assistance to help the schools improve.

They are asking the School Board for smaller classes, resources to improve academic achievement, better prepared and trained teachers and an academic improvement plan for each student.

The list was released yesterday during a news conference at Raines High, one of the schools that received an F when school grades were issued Wednesday.

Raines Principal R. Ishman Mitchell said the schools need the assistance from the entire city, not just the school system.

"We are not going to make any excuses," Mitchell said. "We're going to roll up our sleeves and work, but we need help."

Mitchell sent a letter to alumni, business leaders and others inviting them to a meeting on June 25. The meeting will seek volunteers to help Raines and Ribault High as they work to improve.

Superintendent John Fryer and School Board members are attending a Florida School Boards Association conference out of town and were not at the meeting. …