Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Surf Your Way through These Wave-Y Films

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Surf Your Way through These Wave-Y Films

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Byline: Matt Soergel, Times-Union movie writer

As I take the long way around to telling you that Big Wednesday, the wonderfully cheesy surfing movie, is playing in St. Augustine tomorrow, I have to make a true confession here:

One night last week, utterly exhausted from a rough schedule of early morning World Cup soccer and late-night movie previews (tough life, that), I settled down in front of the TV, utterly determined to veg out.

In high style.

That's why I found myself unable to turn away while watching Tremors 3, which followed an Olsen twins movie in which the twins were moved to a swank waterfront home in Australia as part of the federal witness-protection program (hey, where do I sign up for that?).

I've always had a thing for Tremors movies, ever since Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon first took on the giant alien worms in the desert. And while I've never given much thought to Mary-Kate and Ashley -- other than to wonder why Mary-Kate got two names, but Ashley only one -- I do think I would like Australia.

Besides, it had surfing in it.

And if I'm a sucker for anything apart from soccer and movies, it's surfing. And this Olsen twins TV epic had lots of surfing in it.

Not much of the surfing was very good, but I did like the climactic and ridiculous "surf-off" between rival factions on the beach, in which Mary-Kate -- or was it Ashley? -- had to enter the competition. After a close-up showing her struggling to her feet in one-foot shorebreak, the camera pulled back and showed a surfing double of Mary-Kate -- or was it Ashley? -- repeatedly pummeling the lip in a ferocious display of surfing talent.

Surfing, as a mass-media product, is hot these days.

Every other kids' movie on cable seems to involve surfing. Sheryl Crow's new video features lots of seductive posing by Crow and lots of surfing. This fall's James Bond movie is said to have Bond surfing gigantic Hawaiian waves while dodging bad guys. …

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