Neighbor's Construction a Problem

Article excerpt

Byline: Mike Clark, Times-Union Reader Advocate

Dear Call Box: I have three related questions. (1) Are there laws regarding new residential construction causing storm water drainage problems to existing homeowners? The dirt level is higher than either adjoining lot and there are no systems to remove water coming off the roof and other hard surfaces. (2) Is there a law that would prevent construction for going on indefinitely? This house has being under construction nearly 15 months. (3) Can a homeowner start living in a home that is not finished, with no counter-tops in kitchen, no flooring, unfinished bathrooms? -- Vicki

Dear Vicki: Yes there are laws about drainage, said Tom Goldsbury, city of Jacksonville building inspection chief. For specific concerns, call the city's One Call line at (904) 630-2489 and ask that a code enforcement inspector investigate. Second, as long as work is progressing, the permit stays active. Third, if occupants have moved in without a Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, there is a problem. Keep in mind, not everything in a house is a code requirement, so a house doesn't have to be completely finished.

Dear Call Box: I can't think of the name for this computer symbol: (-). …


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