Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Plumber's Daughter Wins [Pounds Sterling]10m Divorce Fight

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Plumber's Daughter Wins [Pounds Sterling]10m Divorce Fight

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A PLUMBER'S daughter today won her pound sterling10million battle for an equal share of her millionaire exhusband's fortune.

Shan Lambert, 50, had already been awarded pound sterling7.5 million, one of the biggest divorce settlements in British legal history, but today won another pound sterling2.5million in the Appeal Court.

She had claimed that she had made an equal contribution to the business success of her former husband Harry Lambert who made pound sterling20million when he sold his regional newspaper company.

While he was in the boardroom she was bringing up their two children and running the family home in Kent.

Today three Appeal Court judges agreed and overturned the decision in the High Court that she should only be awarded 37 per cent of her husband's wealth.

Lord Justice Thorpe said: "It is unacceptable to place greater value on the contribution of the breadwinner than that of the homemaker as a justification for dividing the product of the breadwinner's efforts unequally between them."

However, the judges emphasised that their decision should not be looked upon as a legal precedent and future divorce cases had to be decided on merit.

When her 23-year marriage ended, Mrs Lambert was awarded the marital home - Ringleton Manor near Sandwich, worth pound sterling 1.4 million, together with the accompanying Ringleton Lodge, worth pound sterling250,000 - as well as assets worth pound sterling2.8million and a lump sum of more than pound sterling3million.

Although a substantial payout, it was well short of the 50 per cent she wanted. When she appealed, her exhusband's counsel Martin Pointer QC told the court that Mr Lambert should get the bigger share because of his "stellar contribution".

Mr Lambert, 58, had appointed her a director of Adscene companies but joked she was a "sleeping partner" because she slept through board meetings.

He described her contribution to the marriage as revolving around "children and the microwave".

The pound sterling7.5 million would have given her an annual income from investment of pound sterling250,000 a year - enough to cover the foreign holidays, pound sterling10,000 shopping sprees and the high level of expenditure the couple had enjoyed when married, the court heard. …

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